Yesterday, Chef Bob had a live on Lazada to promote Tefal and as per usual, I was inevitably tasked to follow him around. Working with Chef Bob has constantly opened my eyes to multiple adventures and this time, it is the most peculiar thing I have ever seen throughout my time working for Chef Bob.

Location: Shell Station, 311 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 619595

On the way to a shoot, we had a pitstop at a petrol station but not for the right reasons! Chef Bob and I, being the old soul that we are, needed a cup of good old teh tarik. So, we ventured to the nearest Ya Kun Kaya Toast but unexpectedly, it was stationed at gas station and not at a mall! I’ve heard about McDonald’s drive through at a petrol station but not Ya Kun.

However, I feel that the location of this place is convenient. For example, people who are on the way to work can make a pit stop to get a light breakfast before starting their productive day. It also helps tea junkies to get a cup of warm tea! Imagine a cold, rainy day and you stopped by a petrol station to get Ya Kun Kaya Toast! I don’t know about you all but that is mad vibesss.

Stopping and having a quick brunch at a petrol station station, gave me a nostalgic vibe to all the road trips to Malaysia. We’d take a 5-minute break at the nearest petrol station to get some snack before continuing our adventure. Personally, I think I’ll start having more Ya Kun over there to feel like I’m travelling. Let’s be honest, we miss travelling so much and can’t wait for this pandemic to be over.

With that, I genuinely think that if you want to go to a night ride out with your homies… This is the closest you are going to get to feel like you are overseas. Enjoy your late night rides with the homies and wish your vibe forever be immaculate.