6 words.

Just look at the sardine stuffing.

Look at how moist it is. Full of sardine.

Everyone who knows me that I am a Hantu for Epok-Epok Sardine.

So the criteria for it to be even called an epok-epok sardine is set at a very high standard and Jahlicious’s Epok-Epok passed all of them.

  • Onions need to be well caramelized which adds to the natural sweetness.
    • To add to the above, it must not be an epok-epok bawang disguising as an epok-epok sardine!
  • No fishy smell (hanyir).
  • Spicy.

But, this epok-epok sardine from Jahlicious has one distinct flavour and you could totally pinpoint that there is a hint of flavour from lime leaf. Almost as if it is Thai influenced.

And then comes the crust. Adooooooiiii!!!! How can I bring justification to it eh?

  • Paper-thin.
  • Flaky
  • Subtly greasy
  • Crispy

Just look at the pics lah. If you all still cannot imagine then listen to it here: www.facebook.com/chefbob.sg/videos/524708245001848/

The fact that this is handmade and every piece of epokĀ² is uniform is beyond my comprehension. The thickness of each morsel is the same. Kak Jah has been doing this for so long that she has developed muscle memory when making the epokĀ². Consistency is a trait that most of our hawkers like Kak Jah have mastered and that is something that I truly appreciate and have upmost respect for.

You are left with only 7 days to get a taste of Jahlicious handmade labour of love before it closes for 3 months for the center’s upgrading.