Grilled Barramundi with sambal matah?
Deep fried fish with balado?
Crispy fish skin with salted egg?
Steamed fish ala Thai?

Fuuuuuuuhhhh! Syiok kan? I’m pretty sure you guys know Singapore have our own fish farms. Like this one I visited with Charlotte.

Remember, 8 years ago on my cooking show Chef Bob Kelong where I swam with the barramundi in the net? Yup this is the same fish farm. Now I get to go even in-depth to see where the little fish “fry” being harvested.

Right down from a baby fish until the giant barramundi you will see in the video. Truly amazing kan?

As a chef, it’s very important for me to know where the produce I cook with comes from and I am so glad some of it is from our very own backyard. Buying homegrown produce also means we are supporting our local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

The produce is fresher and will definitely taste better as we could get to it quicker. Singapore made plans in 2019 to reduce its dependence on food imports with our #30by30 vision, whereby 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs will be produced locally by 2030.

It’s a tall order to pursue, in my humble opinion. But if we rally together, with our sustainable kampung spirit, I truly believe we could achieve it. And it was made fun with my co-host, Charlotte Mei! Links to her profile are below!

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