I am truly honoured to be an unofficial Wish Granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation® Singapore. 😍🥰

Khalish was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at a very young age. His dream is to become a chef and one of his wishes is to meet me and have experience working in a kitchen under my guidance. I was truly humbled by this news.

But sadly covid restrictions do not permit this chance of a lifetime for me to cook with a cancer survivor in my restaurant.

Yes. Alhamdulillah as of this posting, I received news that Khalish is cleared of cancer. Nonetheless, MAWF proceeded with surprising Khalish with a culinary experience he would remember.

Enter The Co-op Tampines, they are more than happy to host Khalish and his family to a 5-course dinner and Khalish would do the garnishing and serving of the food. I was tasked to come in the middle of their dinner meal to give Khalish a surprise and MAWF has all other things prepared for the party.

Obviously, I couldn’t come in empty-handed. So I made a few phone calls to my friends and they are more than happy to be part of this.

Tefal chipped in with their Ingenio pan set and Neu Entity bought some boys’ toys for Khalish. The day came and all of us band together to grant Khalish his humble wish and some. We were treated to an eclectic meal from The Co-op and Khalish, we hoped, would have a blast at his soirée.

Now that I am a father myself, I truly empathize with Khalish and his parents. I can’t even imagine the days when Khalish has to go for his chemotherapy and the journey his parents have to go through. But when I finally met Khalish and his parents I was amazed by how close-knit they are as a family that bonded through love, cooking, and food. Khalish’s parents did a fantastic job in raising a fine gentleman, a true fighter.

I came to inspire a young boy but I left getting inspired myself by a family that is full of love and compassion. Masya’Allah.

Thank you so much to everyone that made this happened. Jaga and Cheryl. Volunteers from MAWF. Hayley and the amazing team from The Black Hole Group and The Co-op Tampines for a scrumptious dinner. My goodness, your revamped restaurant is gorgeous. Will definitely return with my family.Tefal for the awesome gift.Neuentity for the toys. My manager Norlina for liaising with the MAWF team.

Couldn’t have done this without you.

“Take every opportunity that presented to you to be kind.”- Dave Chappelle