This is a Diwali Special.

Chappati & Mutton Keema that’s simply divine!

Being an 80’s baby I grew up eating Prata for breakfast. It’s always been the main course of Prata, then thosai and the last choice in the pecking order for a good old Southern Indian breakfast would be chappati.


Just like Satay needs a great peanut sauce to put it up on the pedestal, Chappati needs a bloody good mutton keema to compliment it.

They are pretty famous for their chappati.

Not only you could choose mutton kheema for your accompaniment but an array of Southern Indian dishes spread out over the baine marie counter.

Secondary to the Chappati, I believe that this is the only place in Singapore that serves Tulang for breakfast. I mean who does that?

So I tried. My goodness, the Curry Tulang just fits with the chappati to a T! Sedaaaaaaaap beb!

Honestly, this is my first time dining here. My brother, Hidayat, told me that this was my late father’s go-to chappati joint. Got a little bit emotional but I believe, knowing my father, he loves this kind of place for a nice grub. 🙂 What not to like beb? Bloody nostalgic.

A Chinese roadside Kopitiam serves Indian cuisine in Little India, patronized mostly by Malays. That my friends are what our beautiful Singapura is all about. Diversity unified by food. I just hope they have the next generation lined up to take over this legacy. It would be a shame if our children don’t get to experience this.

Happy Diwali to all our Hindu brothers and sisters!

*Shoutout to our intern Syed Ahmad who did this video editing in less than 24 hours. Someone will get a good testimonial for his resume bebeh!

Guys, please congratulate him in the comments below for a job well done.