As we are nearing Phase 3 in Singapore and our hawker culture has been inducted into UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, I am counting down 3 hawker stalls that made it into our Chef Bob Approved list.

Although they are not situated in hawker centres, satay sellers themselves are considered hawkers by trade.

I present to you the 2nd one to make it on the list.


Satay Babat.

I am one of those Hantu Satay Babat (tripes) and kambing. They have one of the softest Satay Babat I had ever tasted (my goodness, I cannot believe it). It took minimal effort for me to chew on the tribe yet it had a nice bounce to it.

The Satay Babat had this very minute tension which made it all the more amazing. No gamey smell and the marination has hints of lemongrass, cumin, fennel, and coriander. Another amazing thing is that the Satay is not overly sweet. Truth to be told, most satays I have tasted in Singapore, I had the feeling that I am eating Dendeng or Jerky Bites. Potong kaki beb.

Satay Kambing.

First words that came out of my mouth was “MasyaAllah! Sedap giler beb.

Firstly the meat, it’s not cubed as per normal but it’s sliced. And they intertwine each slice on the stick to make a sizeable satay. Blows my mind beb. Let’s get technical ok? When they bakar the satay, the heat takes a longer route to go through the tissues and when this happens right, what it does is when the outer layer is perfectly charred, the proteins nearer to the bamboo stick cooked to perfect medium doneness. So the satay won’t be overcooked which will make it tough.

😱 😱 😱

Like I said: MIND-BLOWING!!!! To top it off they place 2 slivers of kambing fat in between which just makes perfect sense! Mak oi!

Like a blissful marriage, a tasteful kuah satay (peanut sauce) plays an integral role in making the dish complete. Their kuah satay have that old school taste to it. Rustic charm. The aroma from the kuah already packs a punch like a well-cooked rempah and it is thick bruh, just like my wife (🤣🤣🤣). Once you dip a satay in, the kuah instantaneously envelopes it, hugging it tightly, so each bite is a complete combo of both satay and kuah.

I know of Satay Kulo after doing our monthly Fight Night Live Streaming. They came up tops in a blind taste test. What signifies a kickass satay boils down to Marination, Texture, Kuah and Charring. At Satay Kulo they tick on all the boxes. Ever since then I’ve been an ardent fan of their satay. Visited them at Tang Tea House Changi Village on 4 seperate occasions in 3 months and each time I had their satay, it tasted the same. Very consistent.

Satay Kulo already attained cult status even before I discovered them. Having regular customers as far as Jurong. Be prepared to be patient when dining here as the waiting time could stretch to 30-45 minutes on a busy night. But the good thing here is you could makan other dishes from TTH menu whilst waiting for the satay to arrive.

If you had followed me for a long time I am a die hard fan of the famous Haron Satay. In my humblest of opinion Satay Kulo had kicked Haron Satay off the top perch for various reasons stated above. Just like Liverpool FC now is at the top of the perch on the Premier League. Selit sikit beb. 🤣🤣.