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The White Label – Unique French Malayan Cuisine

Last weekend, my wife decided to bring me to The White Label for my birthday treat. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

It was actually one of those days, where we don’t really know where to go. I was just thinking of ordering food online and eat it with the family but the wife insisted on bringing me out to have a nice dinner. Looked around Instagram and Facebook and chanced upon The White Label. Decided to give it a chance as I haven’t really been going out. It was a good change of pace in this Covid-19 season with the heightened alert and all. Since only a maximum of 2 persons is allowed for dining in, we took the kids to their grandma’s place and off we go. Lol.

The White Label is situated about 1 min away from Masjid Sultan which is super duper convenient for prayers later on.

Image courtesy from White Label FB Page

We were greeted with friendly staff even when we were about half an hour late. Sorry! I’m not too sure if this package is available throughout the week but on that day, they have a tea time package that starts at 4.30 pm. We were supposed to be there at 3.30 pm. They catered to our needs and managed to get the mains just on time.

There is supposed to be another dish that I ordered but I didn’t take a picture of it.


Two Way Fish Frites
Battered & Grilled Barramundi. Shoestring Fries. “Sambal Kicap” Sauce. Lemon-Garlic Aoili

Surprisingly, I decided to go with fish. Even my wife was surprised that I got the fish instead of my usual steak or something.

I was super surprised by the portion and I didn’t manage to finish it. Lol. don’t usually like those fish and chips types of dish, but the batter is definitely well seasoned. So it was a fine surprise. The Sambal Kicap sauce is the killer, bros. I mean as a Malay, who doesn’t like Sambal Kicap and we have a certain standard of how the Sambal Kicap is supposed to be like. I even dipped the fries in the sauce. Haha.

Squid Ink Spaghetti
Mussels. Prawns. Squid. “Sotong Masak Hitam” Sauce

I think this is the winner for tonight. It was spicy, pekat, and overall have a good distinctive taste. Some Squid Ink Spaghettis are too diluted and it doesn’t have that richness in it. My wife has the tendency to order food that hits just the right notes. I was feeling jealous of her dish. Hahaha.

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries. “Sambal Belacan” Mayo

Sweet potato fries are more common nowadays. The difference is the sauce. I do not like standard chilli sauce. Good thing that they have this Sambal Belacan Mayo. I mean who comes up with this stuff? The sauce is nice although the Sambal Belacan taste might be lacking a bit but hey, it’s still good. My palate might be too strong but for general public, it’s definitely good.

Crème Brûlée À L’Orangeo
Rich Orange Custard. Caramelised Sugar, Dessicated Coconut. Honey & Fig Gelato

This is another killer. By the time the dessert arrived, I was already too full for another dish. But what they say is true. You will always have room for dessert. I finished this in less than 2 minutes with the help of my wife. Hahha.

Just to note that this is not a sponsored post even though it is my birthday. And Chef Bob didn’t pay for this as well. I paid it for myself. Lol.

The White Label
734 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 198702
You can find the menu on their website: thewhitelabel.sg

For other information, you can go to their Instagram where they are super active. @twl_sg


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