My wife forwarded me this:…/

It’s truly tragic. I cannot even imagine going through what the father went through.

I am a skeptic when it comes to HBB or food establishment with a cause. Excuse me for saying this but normally when a social cause is tied up with food sales with the hopes of getting funds, the food usually will be subpar. Apologies for any insinuations but correct me if I’m wrong.

That is why I decided to order their Sop Tulang anonymously and do an honest take on it, in the hopes that, if it’s to my standards, I could use my platform to generate some awareness for them, Insya’Allah. My whole family is mad about Sop Tulang, especially Umar.

So the bar has been set very high with our expectations. The meat, cartilage, tendons, sinew surrounding the tulang is bloody tender. Masya’Allah! It just glides into our palate and easy to chew. There were generous amounts of gelatinous tendons. The size of the tulangs is generally big. Grande by Starbucks standards.

Don’t you just hate it when we finish eating the meat and found out that there’s no somsom (marrow)? But theirs were all still intact in the tulang. And no gamey mutton smell at all!

That’s simply divine.

The gravy unfortunately is flat. One dimensional. It could use more rempah and a hint of a spicy kick. It tasted more like a Bamia gravy, a Middle Eastern stew prepared using lamb, okra, and tomatoes as primary ingredients. Indeed it was tomato-esque.

But my Umar loved it. Definitely kid-friendly. They have an extensive menu to choose from.

Who knows you might love the other dishes that are available. Sop Tulang that costs $45/- inclusive of delivery is definitely steep for most of us. But remember you are not only buying food but incidentally contribute to them to be self-sustaining.

Show them love at Sinar Bahru Seafood.