We have been advocating and championing our Home Based Businesses for a very long time. And as you all know, I have collaborated with Neuentity to come up with a Teh Tarik Board. I would love to add them here as they deserved the recognition of giving me that wonderful taste in my mouth.

All these HBBs have already been reviewed by me and as such you can go to their Instagram profile to know about them later. #supportlocal

1 / DeyMamak

@deymamak.sg has been consistent in their delivery of teh tarik, I only got to find out that I have bought from them before without a proper review. When the opportunity came up for a live event, I thought that I would do a proper review for them and yes once again, they didn’t disappoint me.

They have got the proportions correct for the amount of tea leaves, evaporated milk and condensed milk. What I’ve learnt in the past from the experts and masters (I am not an expert of teh tarik, I just like to drink them! #tehtarikislife), when you have got the correct proportions, you are able to get a beautiful froth that is just out of this world.

Of course, besides their signature teh tarik, they have their roti john as well but I will leave it to another day to write about their roti john.

The only thing that disappoints me is that they didn’t give me cups to drink it with. Hahaha.

Instagram: @deymamak.sg

2 / Teh Tarik 1 SG

Before Covid-19, they have catered to a lot of events that are seeking the pure joy of drinking teh tarik with families and friends.

They have been on the perch for quite some time now (like Liverpool) but somehow managed to be pipped by @deymamak.sg by the smallest of margin, taste wise. Of course, this is just due to my taste buds. But standard wise, they have got it covered.

If you hopped on to their instagram, most of their images are filled with catering events and what nots. So I guess pretty quickly that they are loving it as much as I do.

Instagram: @tehtarik1.sg

3 / Tehriffic By Sue

The queen of the house.

Not to sound sexist but I seldom see a teh puller from our Hawa community so this is such a pleasant surprise. One of the earliest reviews of teh tarik ever and from them did we come up with the idea of a teh tarik board.

The one thing I like about their teh tarik is that it is not too sweet. I mean I have tasted teh tarik which is just pure condensed milk which of course defeats the purpose of drinking tea. Come on guys, I’m not buying bubble tea ok?

Did you know that they also have tehriffic cakes in their arsenal. It really goes well with their teh and I can’t find fault in that.

Instagram: @tehrifficbysue

4 / Bhaika Samosa

One of the Chef Bob Approved HBB that deserves this recognition but alas, the sticker is not for their teh. It’s for their confectionary. But still, their teh is worth a mention just because it goes well with their finger foods.

So for those who wants to order their teh, make sure you compliment it with their finger foods.

Instagram: @bhaikasamosa

5 / Teh Mami SG

Other than having good teh, I think they have an awesome photographer and social media manager (off topic a bit ah). Their instagram has wonderful images and well thought-off graphics.

Ok, so back to their teh.

Each teh puller has their own way of making the teh and this is no exception. If you think that all teh tastes the same, then you are wrong, my friend. So for example, if I were to get some teh and do a blind taste test, I am able to tell who is the brewer and Teh Mami is one of them as well. Instinctively, if I were to compare all the 5 teh tariks here, I am able to tell them apart hands down (over-confident lah pulak).

Instagram: @tehmami.sg

So there you have it. Some of the best teh tarik that I have ever drank from our beloved HBBs. Feel free to drop them a dm if you are keen to order anything from them. Their Instagram links are there as well.

If you need to find all the HBB teh tarik in Singapore, you can get to our HBB Listings Page here