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Halal Sushi Places in Singapore


Maki-san might be the best sushi outlet for all you picky eaters! Personally, my mother is a picky eater and likes to pick out her own ingredients which makes Maki-San the go-to place for sushi. Maki-san allows you to pick your own ingredients and ensures their sushi to suit your palate. They really took customer preference to a whole another level!

Home of Sushi

Chef Bob and I have made our own video review on Home of Sushi which is available to watch on YouTube, https://youtu.be/DYFh_a-7bic, where we touched more on the machines that they use to make the sushi. The machine that they use ensures a uniform shape throughout all the flavors! Feel free to watch the video to see what we think about the sushi joint.

Hei Sushi

Hei Sushi provides an awesome way to serve their sushi to you! The plates that contain the sushi are placed onto color coded plates for pricing. They go around the restaurant through conveyor belts. To enjoy this delicious Japanese cuisine, just pick out the ones that you crave and stack the plates. You can even make competition with your friends on who can stack the highest!

Isuramuya Restaurant & Marketplace

West side kias, THIS IS FOR YOU! Finally, you don’t have to order sushi through Grab and can drop by JCube to enjoy your Japanese delicacy. They only use ingredients that are flown freshly from Japan and onto your plate. You get multiple choices of sushi and can enjoy without the worry of delivery charge. You won this time, west siders.

Ramen Stall

Yeah yeah, I get it. Syed, it’s literally in the name that they are a RAMEN stall. However, that’s only their signature dish! They also offer sushi with a huge range of flavors. Now, you can savor the full Japanese experience with both ramen and sushi. Can’t get any better than that homies.


Inari-ku offers a Curry Udon, Takoyaki, Curry Rice and not to forget, SUSHI. The flavors that Inari-ku introduced will make you see the Sakura flowers in Tokyo bloom and engulf you in cold air. One bite and you’d feel like the main character straight from an anime.


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