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Cheap and Good Food in East Singapore

Let’s be honest, everything is SO expensive in Singapore! Which means that, occasionally, we must cut back on our expenses and indulge ourselves in cheaper cuisines. Be it a student with lesser spending power or someone who prefers not to spend much money, it is what it is. This make cheaper cuisines a safe haven. Fear no longer! Being a student with minimal spending power, I got the juicy details and with that, let’s start digging in!

Yumen Hut

Upon my arrival at Yumen Hut, it was very apparent that this is where the younger generation feasts at. At the exact moment I arrived, a large group of teenagers and that was already a good sign! Yumen has a large variety of selections and they were all interchangeable with what kind of noodle you prefer (noodle lovers, I’m looking at you).

I got myself the Curry Chicken noodles along with Rosella. The curry was very thick and the chicken was very tender! For the cheap price, it very worth it as you can see the large portion that they served. With that, I left the restaurant with a bloated stomach and a large smile as I only spent $7.

Location: Yumen Hut – Pasir Ris Downtown East

Kampong Glam Cafe

Ahh, Kampong Glam Café or better known as KGC. KGC will always be packed with the people from my generation. Being a 20-year-old, I must admit, I have been to this place more times than I should, and it doesn’t help that my office is situated down the road of KGC. Aside that, this place is the best to come after a date and you have not much money left in the pocket. The environment is easy on the eyes and you can even walk around Haji Lane which is in close proximity. KGC is, by far the most chill place you can come and vibe.

Roti John Cheese Beef is the most popular dish amongst the younger generations as it goes for only $5 and is dangerously addictive. However, an underrated dish that KGC offers is their $4 Mee Soto Ayam. The noodles are thick! It’s not as spicy until it is unbearable, and the amount of beef is very generous. Not to mention that the food was amazing or in Chef Bob’s words, KILLER BABE!

Location: 17 Bussorah St

Inspirasi at Bedok Interchange

Hidden gems can be found everywhere and for this one, it can be found under the tracks of Bedok MRT. If Yumen Hut and KGC serves as a beacon for the younger generations, this hawker center is the COMPLETE opposite! When looking for a seat, all I could see is old people staring at me as if I was an alien! Hahaha. In all seriousness, I couldn’t spot anyone else from the same age group as I, which was pretty cool.

Comparing to KGC’s Mee Soto, the noodles were much more thinner and the soup was less oily. I think this is a much more healthier choice BUT it does lose that extra flavour which brings it to another level. That being said, it is still worth it for its price which was only $3.50! Murah gila.

Location: Bedok Interchange, Opposite Bedok Mall

Zombie Grill

Upon arrival, I felt that the environment of the place was already a cool place to lepak and makan with the homies. Plus, they aren’t kidding when they say that the price would be light on the pocket. They have a large variety of options that ranges from $4 up to $40, which you can try out when you have a little bit more money and want to treat yourself good. However, this is a blogpost about cheap food, so I had to get the Charcoal Zombie burger set & Fries that only costed $9.90.

Honestly, the taste is average but one thing that really stood out for me was their coleslaw. If you are like me and likes a good coleslaw, this is the place. The coleslaw was oddly enticing and in short, it slapped bro. Overall, it’s a good steal. The flavor definitely killed me and brought me back to the world living.

Location: 136 Bedok Reservoir Rd

Changi Village Pasar Ayam Bakar

Wrapping it up, we got to talk about how underrated the food at Changi Village is. Sure, it smells like fish and it may not be the most romantic place, but it does have good food. This place has been covered multiple times and I will never shut up about it. This traditional Nasi Ayam Bakar Original is tucked in the corner of Singapore only sells for only $4.50 a pop.

Being unable to take my spice, I still found it worth the pain and if that’s not enough to persuade you, I don’t know what is. Although the rice is slightly dry, the juicy Ayam Bakar made up for it!

Location: Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Rd

All in all, there is a lot of places to dine at which won’t leave you broke. Non-East siders, chill out okay? I’ll do more for the rest of you and with that, I wish you well on the journey to feast on all the cheap food that the East can offer. Let me know if you have secret joints that sell food that is easy on your bank or even better, link me up with some places that aren’t on the East side so I don’t have to do that much research. Hehehehe.


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