Purely for Home Based Business

Non-paid reviews for home based businesses. We know how tough it is running a business. We have made a promise to ourselves that this is how we will help the HBBs grow in our community. As such, no token is required. Honest reviews from myself and team.

How many dishes can I send?

We know that you might have multiple dishes in your arsenal. But we can only review 1 dish per Home Based Business. Moreover, we do not want to waste food. Please send food that is just enough for me to review.

I am not NEA Hygiene Certified. Can I still be a part of this?

Although it is a bonus point for you to be certified, my team and I will do some background checks before we let you send us your dish. Thank you

I don't have an Instagram account.

It would be good if you can create an Instagram account for this. We will tag you on Instagram as we will be doing a lot of Instagram stories. 

But Facebook Pages are also welcomed!

I am not Halal Certified. Nor am I Muslim. But I buy from halal sources.

To be considered Halal, it is not just about buying from Halal sources. And as such, we are sorry but we can’t accept food from you. Hope you understand.

How are the charges for review?

Alhamdulillah, so far we have been able to not charge anything for our beloved HBB. And we plan to keep it that way for a very, very long time.

All we need from you are just your doas and good words.

Let me be a part of Chefbob.sg

To all HBBs, we are sorry but the next available date will only be in 6 months’ time. Please send in your request via the form at the side to be put on the waiting list.

Please provide your Instagram name or email (both are compulsory) so that we can contact you directly for your slot. Thank you so much!