Who would have know that at Pasir Ris Pond, there is a hidden gem that sells awesome Thai goodness.

Fishing kakis whom frequented Pasir Ris Pond will highly likely to have passed by this place.

Run by (at the moment) a Thai wife and abang Melayu hubby. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, it’s not fully opened yet as they are still waiting for their cooks to arrive directly from Thailand.

At the moment they have a makeshift counter to prepare the Mango Sticky Rice and some light Thai finger foods.

Reminded me of the hordes of roadside food stall off the streets of Bangkok and Chatuchak. I am so so disappointed that it was not fully operational yet because this dessert is simply divine. Divine I tell you. Light yet dense glutinous rice steamed to a T. Laced with coconut cream and water mixture with a hint of salt that has been infused right to the very core of each UNBROKEN rice kernel. An acquired culinary art that will take years to master. A huge portion of perfectly riped mango accompanying the rice that adds a subtle sweetness to it. To top it off, it’s garnished with roasted mung beans instead of sesame seeds.

To me, that is the game-changer. It adds the nutty, earthy taste to a wholesome rustic Thai dessert. If their dessert tasted this good, I can’t wait for the full menu to be available.

Khanom Thai please WhatsApp me ah when ready.